Donald Trump

The Tom Hanks Coronavirus Chaos Cut-Ups

It’s ironic, I thought, that a president that wanted to build a wall around his own country to stop people from getting in, is now, by enacting his own policies, going to end up with a situation where all other countries are going to be erecting walls to keep America out. What was that about Tom Hanks?

A Conspiracy of Idiots: The Project Veritas Wapo Sting, Donald Trump, and Infowars Marathon Broadcast

Could it be that Trump, Jones, Infowars and Project Veritas had conspired in this fake news event and it was meant to be the crowning glory of Infowars 34 marathon broadcast where it would be, by an amazing coincidence of timing, that WaPo could receive the “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” live on Infowars as the culmination of their event?