Infowars’ Alex Jones Suggests Pedophilia is a Nursing Home Plan for Men In Alabama

Lost It

Alex Jones – Self-professed “ugly human centipede”

***Watch the clip below before Infowars take it down.  Exchange starts at 48 minutes and 43 seconds***

Even before Roy Moore lost his Alabama Senate race to a Democrat last night – and well before Alex Jones hot-footed it out of his Central Texas Infowars Command Center and left Owen Shroyer to wet his own bed when he realised how hated himself, Infowars, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and of course, Roy Moore are, even in Alabama, whilst Jones hid behind his sofa – Jones and Shroyer were in the midst of an epic meltdown which amongst other things included the craziest and probably sickest defense of Roy Moore’s alleged molesting of young girls you’ve heard.

But before we got there, there were inklings that Jones was turning the crazy dial up to eleven and was about to say something beyond the pale.  Jones warmed up for his meltdown by telling his audience:

“I’m psychically connected to god.  I’m like an ugly centipede just crawling towards god.  If we don’t take control of the country and the world Owen, evil will.”

The ugly centipede, shortly afterward, launched into a defense of Moore’s alleged molestation of fourteen-year-olds by asserting:

“I’ll be honest, I know about super deep Southern culture, it’s almost like the Muslims with arranged marriage, they do nine-year-olds, they do 16 (year olds)  in Alabama, it’s just an anthropological psychological view, you don’t want your 17yr old daughter to marry some drug addict guy, you want to shop ‘em around.

And in the old days all the rich thirty-year-olds, they were so honorable, your daughter could go out with them, go out to eat, meet ‘em, see who your daughter liked, these are the rich guys in the town, you’re hoping your daughter gets with them.  And so Roy Moore did all that, then they took a bunch of women lied about it, fake, fake signature things, things that didn’t happen, they used the fact that this is so old-fashioned to spin this whole deal.”

Ugly Centipede

Bootlicker Shroyer wonders where else his tongue could go

Then Jones’ ridiculous boot licker frat boy, Owen Shroyer chimed in:

“I mean it’s not just old-fashioned it’s also basic psychology.  Most women are ready to have children a lot earlier than men.  Most men are usually more interested when they are older. (Older) men are attracted to younger women.”

To which Jones replied:

“Your nursing home plan is your wife you get in the south.”

So let’s break that down.

Jones appears to be saying that hanging around shopping malls and molesting underage girls is part of a rich Southern tradition, kind of like what some Muslims do (citation required).

And Shroyer is appearing to say that is ok to hang around shopping malls and indulge in pedophile behavior because, according to him, “women” are ready to have children younger than most men and older men are attracted to underage women (to clarify, this seems to be the inference).

And Jones concurs by appearing to suggest being a pedophile is a nursing home plan for Men in Alabama and the Deep South.

And Shroyer and Jones wonder where all the Moore supporters went?

Jeez!  If I was Jones and Shroyer tonight, I wouldn’t be heading to Alabama.

The pitchforks are gonna be out for them real tasty.

***Exchange begins at 48 minutes, 43 seconds***

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Reality Alert: Facebook Shared Billions of Propaganda Posts on Behalf of Trump/Brexit


Powerful people understand that people with flaky beliefs, wherever they congregate en-masse, whether that congregation be at their local church, online, or in front of TV screens with their audiences of millions, can be a perfect tool for feeding propaganda to further their political agendas.

I have previously documented elsewhere, how a suspiciously un-organic social media campaign helped propel Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States.  The organizers of that campaign used believers in such conspiracies as chemtrails, climate change denial, 9/11 being an inside job and the Queen of England being a satanic child abuser, through to eventually – and if it was a psyop by the Russian’s, one can only imagine the mirth they caused themselves at the FSB when they thought of it – re-introducing the flat-earth theory in the United States, to help push their narratives.

The 9/11 truth movement was the base for the push by these entities into the American mainstream via social-media.  Many of the partakers of the 9/11 truth movement had built massive social media networks over the course of the last decade, networks that far transcended the average social network reach of most individuals.  The average individual would generally have close friends and family in their online social networks, perhaps work colleagues and maybe other local acquaintances and so on.

According to research done by Pew Research Center back in 2014 half of all Facebook users had less than 200 friends and half had more than 200 friends.  The total average number of friends across all Facebook users was 338.  Many of the 9/11 truthers had built up vast networks of “friends” based on nothing more than an interest in contested parts of the official 9/11 narrative.  This was a comparative outsider obsession, although the number of people believing many of the conspiracies around 9/11 was, Facebook-wise, comparatively high, meaning that it was not irregular for people to have someone or even multiple people who believed in 9/11 truth within their Facebook friends.

These individuals often had far in excess of the average 338 Facebook friends reported by Pew Research back in 2014.  In fact, a large percentage of these accounts had social networks extending into many thousands of friends and followers.

(This article does not exist to contest the varying narratives of what happened on 9/11.  Anyone using that as a counterpoint to the main thrust of this article is wilfully misdirecting the reader for a very specific purpose.)

So, even though many of those people who believed/believe in various 9/11 truth narratives may have been drawing their information from highly dubious (or not) sources, it would have gone under the radar for many of their friends.  However, these individuals who had garnered many thousands of 9/11 truth friends, along with their own personal social networks would prove to be an incredibly effective conduit to spread huge amounts of fake news and propaganda for not only the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but also the U.K. Brexit Referendum held earlier that year.

For an entity to co-opt the 9/11 truth supporters facebook networks, they would only have had to make a limited number of profiles that mimicked 9/11 truth subjects initially to gain the trust of others, before starting to change the narrative slowly in their chosen direction.  Mix in a bit of chemtrail nonsense and climate change denial for further authenticity and plausible deniability, (which also have the benefit of furthering the oil baron’s causes, i.e. muddying the waters on pollution from aircraft travel and denying that climate change is caused by humans – policies that, coincidentally, chime exactly with Trump’s modus operandi of playing to big oil interests in both the U.S.A and Russia,) – and bingo, you have a weaponized social media propaganda network that can reach millions within hours.

The Strange Tale

The strange tale of the DUP, Brexit, a mysterious £425,000 donation and a Saudi prince

Although I stated that this could be achieved with relatively small numbers of facebook accounts, the actual evidence is that there were many thousands of accounts being weaponized for use in this way during elections in numerous countries.  By far, the most successful of these ventures were Brexit and Trump.

Back in March of this year, Facebook was denying any type of election manipulation by foreign entities via their platform during the Brexit and U.S. Election 2016 campaigns.

Then, after the ICO in the UK received an anonymous tip-off, Facebook followed with the admission that there had been some, limited, very small scale impropriety by foreign entities in domestic affairs in various countries.  Then a few months later, they admitted that some ads had been purchased by some Russian based entities but it was only a few thousand dollars’ worth.  Then it turned out that Facebook had to admit that these ads had been seen in the U.S. alone, some 127 million times.

Facebook has still not arrived at full disclosure.  When it is realized (or admitted) that fake accounts infiltrated the huge Facebook 9/11 truth movement and other Facebook conspiracy movements (and Christian facebook movements) the amount of times propaganda was seen, (they didn’t even need to be paid adverts, as these accounts were just plugging themselves into these vast online social network movements, that’s how facebook has got away with disclosure,) will move from the hundred or so million admitted by Facebook at the moment, into the billions.  Maybe tens of billions.

One thing is for sure, Facebook are going to have a lot more explaining to do!

And we haven’t even really got going on Twitter yet.  But for anyone that is curious, I suggest you plot a timeline from when this blog exposed Twitter as a conduit for foreign propaganda powered by bot programs, and when the British PM stood up to Putin to say “we know what you are up to.”

Someone, somewhere, isn’t doing their job!


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Trump – Russia – Infowars Goes Full Charles Manson and Declares Civil War



Alex Jones’ Infowars put a twelve-year-old live on-air to declare civil war in the United States on Saturday evening.

The twelve-year-old described the “plot by deep state Forces,” – which turns out to be nothing more than public officials just doing their job – as a “false witch hunt” (yup) which was part of an “all-out information war right now,” and “they are trying to take down your president and you can’t let that happen.”

The bits where his throat goes a bit dry in this video could signify where he might be lying….

The twelve-year-old then went on to declare…..

“You need to pick up your weapons and go to war”

And also in a nod to the failed campaign to award The Washington Post, Donald Trump’s just oh-so-coincidentally conceived “FAKE NEWS TROPHY,” described Roy Moore as an “appropriate candidate.”


Elsewhere on Infowars, Paul Jospeh Watson called Michael Flynn’s decision to plead guilty to lying to the FBI a “nothing-burger.”

So let me get this straight Infowars…..

You are asking your audience to pick up their weapons and go take part in a massive civil war all over a nothing burger?

And you are getting a twelve-year-old to ask them to do it on your behalf?

Now, you remember the bit where Charles Manson never actually carried out the murders, right?

Be seeing you!

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MSM Falls for Trump’s Twitter Bait, After Conspiracy of Idiots Fails

The Bait

For much of today, much of the mainstream media has been congratulating itself on its newly discovered insight that Donald Trump is using Twitter as a distraction from what they think is obviously “the next shoe to drop,” in the Trump/Russia scandal.

None of them, of course, have been magnanimous enough to admit that they have drawn this insight from the highly rated Palmer Report blog, which for months has been highlighting the connection between Trump’s Twitter outbursts and upcoming Trump/Russia news and Trump scandals in general.

In fact, the phrase “next shoe to drop” has been lifted straight out of Bill Palmer’s blog by certain MSM personalities, without even a nod and a wink in Palmer Reports’ direction.

Now, personally, I don’t agree with everything I read in Palmer Report.  The fawning adulation for Hillary Clinton and the continual framing of Wikileaks as a “Russian cyber terrorist outfit,” (although I do tend towards the conclusion that the Russians co-opted Assange, based on certain narcissistic tendencies, which to some extent he shares with Trump and Infowars’ Alex Jones,) I’ve found somewhat off-putting, however, when it comes to sharp insight on where the Trump/Russia investigation has been leading, I have to say, more often than not, they’ve been closer than most, so far.

Today, however, the failure of the mainstream press, on both sides of the Atlantic, to notice the nuances (strange word to use here, but these guys must either be dumb, or desperate to jump on to the latest zeitgeist and claim it as theirs,) is nothing short of an egregious dereliction of duty.

And that is exactly what has got them into this whole mess in the first place.

As I reported yesterday, over the weekend a triumvirate of forces came together to try to push a narrative which proclaimed to “expose the enemies of America and teach you how to fight against establishment propaganda and fake news.”

This push was blatantly led by Donald Trump, as he renewed his attack on “fake media,” culminating in his proclamation that there should be a “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” awarded to the media organ which “not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me).”

Coincidentally, around the same time (and of course, everything surrounding all Trump’s actions is just pure coincidence,) a woman who was later seen entering the New York offices of Project Veritas, which has managed to carry out sting-operations to “prove” that everyone is lying apart from Donald Trump and his supporters) was attempting to spin a yarn to The Washington Post that she was abused by Roy Moore, in an attempt to discredit the paper, but was caught out lying.

At the same time, Infowars and its host and owner Alex Jones were just ramping up for an unprecedented 34-hour broadcast to expose the MSM as fake news.

So let’s recap this so everyone can understand it.  The major online cheerleader for Donald Trump, Infowars’, who was responsible for pushing Vladimir Putin as a leader of the “free-world” and was instrumental in pushing their millions of online followers for not only voting for Trump, but also flooding the internet with “viral memes of dubious origin” in support of Trump before Election 2016, was just about to embark on a 34-hour broadcast to scapegoat the mainstream media as fake news, at the same time as an outfit that had been part funded by Donald Trump, that Infowars’ had hosted multiple times and portrayed as a reliable news source (ha, )was conducting a fake sting operation against The Washington Post, in order to discredit and smear them to try to improve the chances of alleged sexual abuser Roy Moore winning his bid for a seat in the Senate.

And at the same time this was going on, Donald Trump was grandstanding about awarding a “FAKE NEWS TROPHY.”

In the U.K. Trump diverted attention by retweeting posts from an account owned by a leader of the failed far right-wing loser of Britain First, Jayda Fransen.  Here are some of Fransen’s friends in action in the U.K. scamming money from the public that they say is going to help British troops returning from Afghanistan, when they are really using it to line their own pockets.  And they manage to abuse a British service veteran holding them to account and filming them in the process of their thievery.  Real classy Donald…..

…..classy, but it doesn’t really match being the supposed leader of the free world and conspiring with a bunch of idiot goons in a last-gasp attempt to save your failing presidency.

And in The United States, he turned it all back to Obama’s birth certificate.

That’s the best he’s got.

But the MSM have still missed the real story.  Losers.

Be Seeing You!

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A Conspiracy of Idiots: The Project Veritas Wapo Sting, Donald Trump, and Infowars Marathon Broadcast






Whilst, at this point in the evolution of the species, most sentient humans have long since come to the conclusion that you can’t take what you read in the media, any media, at face value, there are a relatively small group of idiots who have convinced a relatively large group of idiots, that what they are publically promoting, or electronically publishing is the unabashed and inviolable truth.

“Do your own research and come to your own conclusions,” they may tell you –  as long as that research consists of studying a very narrow band of narratives and pre-supplied conclusions you’ll be “one of the tribe.”  But step outside those narratives and reality tunnels and you’ll be a pariah.  A Judas goat.  Perhaps a liberal shill, or an agent of the Deep State.

That’s freedom for ya!

In the world of the rabid Trump conspiracy clan, those who dare to think for themselves are heretics.  This article is not here to claim conspiracies don’t exist.  Of course, they do.  But, as the dear departed Robert Anton Wilson once said:

“Every conspiracy eventually collapses in on itself….stupidity has a definite evolutionary function.”

So now if you will, let us do a little light research and draw some conclusions about the timing of some actions by some very stupid idiots, who have obviously just conspired to attempt to pull off the alt-right media coup of the century.  And failed in a dismal, yet comical fashion.

From the true idiot, one can only draw wisdom…

Over the course of this weekend, I happened by Alex Jones’ comedy Trump propaganda outlet, Infowars.  I used to be an avid watcher of Jones and Infowars, not because I thought there was any truth to be found there, but because it seemed such an obvious brainwashing tool to make folks think and act in a way that was against their own best interests.

The fact that in the end Jones came out supporting Trump, a member of the elite that Jones had hitherto claimed to despise seemed an obvious red flag to me, and led me among other various threads, to write an article entitled The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone which at the time, as far as I know, was the first in-depth article to assert a high level conspiracy at the heart of the Trump campaign.  That was back in June 2016.  I submitted the article for publication at but it was ignored.  Ho Hum!

Anyhow, this weekend Jones and Infowars were going hell for leather promoting a marathon 34-hour live broadcast that apparently was going to “expose the enemies of America and teach you how to fight against establishment propaganda and fake news.”


This seemed extreme, even for Jones, as Infowars claims to do such things all day every day, even though Infowars is a crock of shit and does no such thing at all.  I started to wonder if this broadcast was some last act of desperation in the face of the coming Mueller juggernaut that looks set to mow down the whole Trump administration complete with lackeys and goons.

Then, I noticed that Trump had once more gone into overdrive in his tirade against fake news, lambasting CNN in particular.  Regular readers of my articles will know I have little sympathy for CNN due to their hosting of Glenn Beck some ten years or so ago which helped get the whole alt-right infection started in the first place, as Beck was allowed to do his Alex Jones lite impression to not only audiences in the United States, but also globally via CNN International.  Chickens coming home to roost, I thought.

However, linking the two together, and gauging Trump turning the fake news dial up to eleven, it appeared to me something was afoot between Trump’s crazed CNN fake news rants and Jones’ and Infowars’ brainwashathon.

I have written elsewhere before, how there seemed to be a link between a nudge and a wink from Trump on a certain issue and Jones and Infowars taking the nudge and driving it the whole way to crazy

So it was, with some amusement that I arrived home from work in dear Ol’ Blighty on Monday evening to see that Trump had upped the ante by tweeting:

We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!”


Leaving aside the fact that anyone leaving Fox News out of the running for the FAKE NEWS TROPHY must themselves be certifiably insane, it seemed obvious there was a direct line between Trump’s renewed attacks on the media and Jones’ and Infowars’ 34-hour broadcast.  Was Trump just playing the warm-up act?

I was in no way prepared for what came next, however, because the stupidity of whoever planned it will go down in history as an idiot of the ages.

To prepare, perhaps Alan Moore should help explain my meaning here:

Not long after Trump had tweeted his “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” award and Alex Jones was revving up his 34-hour tirade against “fake media” The Washington Post spilled out a story entitled:

A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation.”

Could it be that Trump, Jones, Infowars and Project Veritas had conspired in this fake news event and it was meant to be the crowning glory of Infowars’ 34 hour marathon broadcast where it would be, by an amazing coincidence of timing, that WaPo could receive the “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” live on Infowars as the culmination of their event?

And who was pulling all those strings together?

Could it be The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone Part II, anyone?


Be seeing you!

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September 2015 Broadcast Accuses Infowars’ Alex Jones of Being a Russian Spy (VIDEO)


RT – Question More

Infowars’ and its host and owner Alex Jones have long had a history with the truth that could be described as more than elastic.  In the last year, since the election of Donald Trump, Jones support of him has forced the Infowars’ narratives into further and further ludicrous corners.

Be it that deep state actors controlled the direction of hurricane Irma using technology that has been thoroughly discredited, or technology that is not yet in existence, or a civil war that Infowars claimed would be started by antifa on November 4th 2017 which was nothing more than a hoax started by a small time right-wing security guard whose social media post got taken out of context and went viral (I could go on for pages and pages with Jones’ bullshit from this year alone, but I’ll let you have a google for yourself and come to your own conclusion if you are still in any doubt,) Jones and his shabby Infowars outfit have proved this year that there is no lie they wouldn’t try on and nothing they aren’t willing to say in their support, not only for Donald Trump but also of the regime of Vladimir Putin.

infowars poll3

Alex Jones: Bullshit

Now, you have to remember here, that Jones and Infowars profess individual freedom as laid down in the U.S constitution as their prime cause.  How does that then square up with their support of Putin’s Russia which demonizes LGBT individuals and tends to permanently silence, murder or imprison their political opponents?

It was Jones’ ludicrous frat boy foot soldier, Owen Shroyer, who possibly gave the game away in a pre-2016 election broadcast when he (somewhat) jokingly suggested that Infowars support for Trump was part of a “psyop.”  Shroyer has latterly been on the screen at Infowars asking what is there not to like about the Russian state, “after all, they love God and they love family?”

Jones has also gushed on screen about his love of Russian state TV channel Russia Today (now RT.) Jones told how great it was that you could go on there and “say whatever you like without being censored.”  The problem here, of course, is that if you are broadcasting deliberately false and inflammatory material, it could well have detrimental societal effects.  As I have documented elsewhere, this was exactly RT’s gameplan.  They would host many people with an anti-American mainstream viewpoint, whether their points of view were valid or not.

Thereby they gave themselves credentials as purveyors of honest counter-cultural viewpoints at the same time as hosting insidious and malignant nonsense intended to stir up as much domestic trouble in the U.S. as possible.  However, the mainstream media in the U.S. only have themselves to blame for this for virtually silencing any voice outside the technocratic elite.

And as for CNN, well, they hosted Glen Beck back in 2006 for fuck’s sake.  You only have yourselves to blame for the shit-storm you now find yourselves at the end of.

But let’s get back to Jones, Infowars and their support for Trump.  I for one would never have imagined Jones coming out in support of such an obvious demagogue.  At first, I just guessed it was all for ratings, as throughout the 2016 election cycle, Jones couldn’t help boasting about his huge affiliate ratings and massive audience figures.  A trait for boasting is something Jones obviously shares with Trump.  Two narcissistic peas in a pod.  However, as the months have progressed, I’ve come to be far more suspicious of Jones’ support for Trump.  I had actually written an article way back in early 2016 suggesting that there was some sort of conspiracy afoot linking Jones, Trump, and Roger Stone, but at that time I hadn’t quite put my finger on it.

But if you draw a line and contrast the changing behaviour of Alex Jones, Trump and Stone since that time, it becomes blindingly obvious that the on-going Russian meddling investigation is getting them increasingly agitated.


Alex Jones, Armchair Detective

And that brings us to an excerpt of an online broadcast by one Douglas Dietrich posted on youtube back in December 2015 and apparently first broadcast on September 10th 2015, which accuses Jones of being a virtual puppet of Russia today and Putin’s Russian state.  Now, I have no idea of the veracity of the statements made by Dietrich, or if he can be thought of as a reliable source in any way whatsoever.  But as Jones hardly ever bothers to check the reliability of sources if what they have to say coincides with the point of view he is pushing at any given time, it is as well to proceed and hear what this guy has to say.

Regarding Alex Jones, Dietrich says:

“It’s well known that he sold out to the Russians and became a propagandist for Russia Today (RT).  And that is why prior to breaking in to the new level of conflict intensity  with the Russians in Syria, he is someone whose boss, the founder of Russia Today, Mikhail Lesin – who was found murdered in Washington District Columbia, and this was obviously an assassination – and that was a warning of course to Alex Jones to tone it down.  Now, I, of course, have personal note of the fact that Alex Jones pretty much runs Russia Today’s  American office, because when Vladimir Putin’s successor to a state within a state KGB assumed it’s infiltration operations again within the West, it did what it always did, it went to the most corrupt of the Wests personnel in intelligence and defence agencies, and one of the most corrupt they could find, was Alex Jones.  And they brought him off and at that period of time, Alex Jones became a traitor to his nation and a Russian spy.  So he propagates for Vladimir Putin incessantly and what he does, of course, is tell people anything apart from telling people to move to Russia and if you were to listen to him speak you would think it was the best place in the world.”

Now, as I say, Dietrich may well be some freak with some kooky viewpoints.

But as for his description of Jones and his support of Vladimir Putin’s Russian state?

I guarantee if you are a regular Infowars listener/viewer before and no alarm bells were ringing, they certainly are now!

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Alex Jones’ Infowars is Spying on its Audience – and Sharing the Information


Infowars’ Alex Jones – Triggering the Shooters

For years, Alex Jones and his Infowars outfit have been telling you that you can’t trust the government because they are spying on you.  Personal privacy has long been an infowarriors’ cause championed by Jones in the fight against the New World Order, who apparently, according to Jones, want to implant microchips in you to monitor your every move and thought.

So the last thing that Infowars would be doing would be building personal profiles of the people that visit the Infowars site and sharing the information with third parties, right?


The ‘terms and conditions’ that have recently appeared on the Infowars’ readers comments section tell a whole different story.  Right there, hidden in plain sight, Jones and Infowars give the game away as to how much they respect your right to personal privacy.  So let us look at section 3 of the Infowars ‘terms and conditions’ entitled ‘Privacy’ and see just how much Jones cares for your privacy:

  • 3.2. You agree that we may use your personal identifying information to enforce this Agreement, and when complying with an order of a court or other government entity of competent jurisdiction.
  • 3.4. We us cookies, log files, and third parties to create a profile of our users and the information gathered is personally identifiable as belonging to you so that we can better determine what Services and System adjustments will optimize your experience at the Website. We may share this information with third parties but only in a way that does not identify you or any particular person individually.
Infowars' Privacy

Infowars privacy policy

That’s right, Infowars use cookies, log files AND THIRD PARTIES to create a profile of their users.  But they promise they won’t personally identify you.  Because Infowars and Jones have a long history of telling the truth, so you don’t need to worry about them selling you out at all.  Unless there is a chance they might lose money or go to jail that is.

In which case you are fucked, especially if you have been making violent threats via their comments section.

Didn’t think it through, did you?

Oh, and apologies for posting this and breaking the Infowars terms and conditions.  But at least I am over the age of 18 years and allowed to visit your site under your t&c’s.

What was that you were saying about being part of the tribe?


Infowars’ Alex Jones – Triggering the Shooters

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