Infowars’ Alex Jones Show Features Religious Maniac Calling for Isis-Style Executions of Covid Experts and Politicians In USA

It’s bunker time for Alex Jones.

With the lawsuits closing in on him, Alex Jones is digging out the bus he buried in the backyard of his Central Texas Command Center.

The outcome was always inevitable.

Many a cult leader experiences a similar moment.

When the cognitive dissonance gets too much, you can do one of two things.

You can give up the ghost.  Cut and run.  If you’ve got the cash, somewhere safe to hideout and can leave no trace. 

Why not?

You’ve earned it.

Or, you can do what the Jim Jones of this world do. 

You take it as far as you can, and then over the edge.

And if you are going to take it over the edge, why not start featuring religious maniacs on infowars’ Alex Jones Show, who call for the beheading of Covid experts and politicians in public, leaving their dead bodies on display, preserved, of course, as a warning to anyone else who dares to cross Alex Jones?

That’s completely normal.

Apparently, Jones is mad because folk are always putting words in his mouth he didn’t say:

Well here you go:

Something for the judge in the Sandy Hook lawsuit to think about, perhaps?

Of course, Jones has gone completely insane.

And there is, no method.

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