Infowars’ Alex Jones Show Features Convicted Felon M.D. as Covid 19 Expert

Whist browsing the infowars website this evening, I noticed Alex Jones was trailing a special “Emergency Saturday Broadcast.”

When Jones does a special broadcast, you can almost be sure that a few unintended gems are going to present themselves and tonight was no different.

Jones started the broadcast moaning and wailing that he was being treated unfairly in the courts, where he was slapped with a £100,000 fine and a yet unspecified amount of damages, to be decided by a jury.

Jones attacked the judge and the court system and had not a moment of contrition for the lives of the parents and relatives of the children slain in the Sandy Hook massacre, which he did so much to ruin.

The pressure looks to be getting to Alex Jones and in a sign of what may be to come, there was not a mention of Donald Trump.  A first in my experience.

Techniques of Persuasion – From Propaganda to Brainwashing by J.A.C. Brown

Once Jones had run through his standard fare Covid misinformation, he introduced Dr Richard M Fleming for an extended slideshow presentation.

Fleming had travelled to Austin with “his crew,” especially for the event.

One has to wonder if either Alex Jones or the infowars team actually do any research on their guests.

A quick google of the good doctor’s name returned several juicy results.

Entry number two on google was from the FBI archives, U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Nebraska, August 20, 2009.

It was titled “Doctor Sentenced in Health Care Fraud Scheme,” and surprise of all surprises the doctor the article referred to was Dr Richard M Fleming.

The archive report went on to detail:

Dr. Richard M. Fleming was sentenced today in Lincoln, Nebraska, by the Honorable Richard G. Kopf to five years’ probation with six months home detention, including electronic monitoring, and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $107,244.24 for the felony offenses of health care fraud and mail fraud. Fleming pled guilty to those charges on April 23, 2009. Fleming lived in Papillion, Nebraska, at the time of the crimes, and now lives in Reno, Nevada. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in Missouri and Iowa, and as a part of his plea agreement in the case he agreed to a lifetime exclusion from participation in any federally-funded health care benefit program.

A federal grand jury in Nebraska returned an indictment against Fleming on January 18, 2007, charging ten counts of health care fraud and three counts of mail and wire fraud. The health care fraud counts charged Fleming with submitting bills to insurance companies in 2002 for medical procedures, diagnostic heart tests, he had not actually performed. The mail and wire fraud counts charged Fleming with obtaining payment from a North Carolina soy food company in 2004, for product testing work he had not performed, and more specifically charged him with lying about whether he had performed the services he was paid for, and with creating and submitting false documents in order to cover up the fact that he had not done the work for which he had been paid. The case actually went to trial, which began on April 6, 2009, and the jury was deliberating on their verdict when Fleming pled guilty, admitting that he had committed both health care fraud and mail fraud.”

Dr. Richard M. Fleming – Charge Sheet

Nice job infowars and Alex Jones.

Dr. Richard M. Fleming really sounds like the sort of guy you want to be getting your Covid misinformation from.

Highly believable and respected.

A scan further down on the google results shows that he has also been exposed for quackery on several occasions on the site which tracks scientific retractions and medical malpractice.

You can read those articles here – “A convicted felon writes a paper on hotly debated diets. What could go wrong?

And here: “A convicted felon wants people to enrol in a COVID-19 clinical trial. What could go wrong?

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2 replies

  1. I see your attacking the person but where is your evidence that his information is wrong? That’s right you provided none. Prove his information is wrong, if you can’t, try being a better human being with some compassion, you obviously don’t believe people can reabilitate and be contributing members of society.


  2. You could reply to this reply, by asserting all sorts of nonsense. It really wouldn’t matter what you said. Just repeat. No rinse or wash required.

    So, rather than do that, shall we just allow events to unfold? Or not?


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