The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and Roger Stone – Part 10 – Psychic Vampires

It seems to come as a shock to many who have arrived at the anti-establishment end of the political spectrum via Alex Jones and other similar channels, that they could have been so used and lied to by the political elite.

To you I would say, welcome to the party. To paraphrase an earlier writer on matters of conspiracy and political intrigue – a writer who thought, wrote and communicated with far more clarity, lucidity, humor and common sense about such matters (that writer being Robert Anton Wilson), – when two human beings get together to make plans for business and politics, they rarely do it for the benefit of the common man.

Robert Anton Wilson on the winners script and how to slay psychic vampires

The only person who ultimately controls your own reality is you.

You can make your world the most fun, hopeful and inspiring place to live, or you can fill it full of fear, demons and terror, where behind every door is a monster waiting to take away your heart, your soul, the cash from your pocket, your freedom and ultimately your very humanity.

When you sense that monster behind the door, you are sensing worlds being built for you by the likes of Alex Jones and Donald Trump.

Two vampires, who are adept at accessing the very worst that the depths of your own psyche has to offer, who then direct the negative energy this generates from their audiences in very specific directions, in order to achieve their own desperate hunger for wealth, power and control.

You need to ask yourself, is that a world I really want to inhabit?

And is that a paradigm I shall willingly choose to allow my emotional energies to be used to build, with no pay off in return, bar a state of permanent fear and paranoia?

What is clear, is that the neoliberal political consensus in the Western world is being tested, by a seismic shift in the political landscape that has caught the technocrats off guard.

In the United States, those who have ruled the military game for so long, whatever the party flavor of the sitting president, are being squeezed out of the political fray by shifting demographics.

We would be foolish to believe that they will give up power so easily.

Those who have no respect for democracy outside their own borders when it does not do their own bidding, will have little respect for democracy within their own borders, when it fails to meet and further their own ends.

Be under no illusion, democracy is in peril in the United States, and it is in peril from exactly those people on the right of the political spectrum who are currently shouting ‘Freedom’ the loudest, and protesting that the current system isn’t working.

We all know in the West that many of our government’s domestic and foreign policies are failing, or failing that, broken beyond repair.

We need however to be extremely wary of who is behind the emerging political parties, activist groups, and media outlets, and what resources they have to hand, and for whose benefit those resources are intended to be used.

Join us for the final episode of – The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and Roger Stone.


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