The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and Roger Stone – Part 8 – The Alex Jonestown Massacre

We continue our serialisation of the 2016 article, The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and Roger Stone.

In part 8, we find out that brainwashing at scale never ends well!

The Jones business model appears to be to include just enough verifiable information and reasonable concern in each broadcast, for Jones to sound somewhat plausible, and then build up the emotional rhetoric to a state of anger and fear, where extreme prejudicial viewpoints and downright falsehoods can be inserted into the minds of viewers and listeners, whilst bypassing their critical and analytical faculties.

This has been a favorite tool of demagogues and crazy cult leaders throughout the ages, be it Hitler at the Nuremberg Rally, or Jim Jones surrounded by his faithful adherents of The People’s Temple.

In the case of Jim Jones, it all ended when he led his followers to the promised land in Guyana, where they were either willingly, or forcefully administered cyanide laced Kool-Aid, in a mass suicide/murder scenario, whilst a U.S. senator who had arrived at the scene in an attempt to help Jim Jones deluded followers escape their grisly fate, was shot dead in cold blood.

It may be worth noting, that the Jonestown Massacre was the largest single loss of United States civilian life in the modern era, before the events of September 11, 2001.

This sort of emotional and mental conditioning never ends well, and there is a reasonable case to be made that Alex Jones and Donald Trump are engaging in stochastic terrorism, knowing full well that there is a statistical probability that their reckless use of rhetoric will encourage violent actions by a handful of their millions of supporters, but exactly who will commit these acts is individually far more unpredictable.

Of course, such an argument put to Trump or Jones would be ridiculed and fobbed off as an attack on freedom of speech.

It is interesting to see how things have panned out over the last few months and how Trump has been accused of using his speeches to spark trouble during the course of the campaign.

Make no mistake, the cookie cutter template of emotional manipulation and mind control is hard at work both on the set of Infowars dot com, and amongst the pages and videos that comprise its website offering.

Should the People’s Temple have a spiritual heir, and Jonestown be a place that still exists on this planet, then surely it exists once more, in the hearts and minds of those who hang onto and believe in every word of the appropriately named Alex Jones.

Indeed, Jones has taken on occasion to flashing up images of Jim Jones behind him whilst he presents his daily show, which one can only imagine is a grotesque prank, the real reason for which, Jones knows most of his followers will never pick up on.

Stay tuned, for the next episode of The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone….

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