The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone – Part 7 – Virus, Cults and Brainwashing

Sun Trine Moon

The Ebola virus outbreak was an especial god send for Jones.

A chance to make many predictions of impending apocalypse, whilst encouraging his audience to stock up on supplies to see the crisis through.

He featured a doctor on one show, who called in to say that people with the virus in the U.S. were being ‘disappeared’ by the government to God knows where.

This was a line that was repeated multiple times, however, no families ever spoke out to ask for their loved ones back.  

There were no reports of missing people in other media, so one can only assume that this was another made up story that didn’t need to be followed up after the initial fling.

Ridiculous Sidekick, Jospeh-Watson: Ebola Real, Covid hoax. Dumb Yet Clever

 The terror had done its job, regardless of facts.

One effect of keeping individuals in a constant state of heightened fear, is that it makes them more suggestible, it’s a widely utilized brain washing and torture technique.

Of course, there is a case for saying that mainstream media engages in this tactic, but Jones takes it and ramps the dial up to eleven.

This sort of conditioning certainly goes a long way to explain the lack of critical functioning of Jones target audience, and its susceptibility to the more outlandish nonsense that Jones peddles.

It also explains why people believe a lot of the nonsense they read in newspapers and see on television every day.

The Jones business model appears to be to include just enough verifiable information and reasonable concern in each broadcast, for Jones to sound somewhat plausible.

Then, he builds up the emotional rhetoric to induce a state of anger and fear, where extreme prejudicial viewpoints, and downright falsehoods, can be inserted into the minds of viewers and listeners, whilst bypassing their critical and analytical faculties.

This has been a favorite tool of demagogues and crazy cult leaders through the ages.

Be it Hitler at the Nuremberg Rally, or Jim Jones surrounded by his faithful adherents of The People’s Temple.

Is anyone else you can think of a fan of the rally?

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone….

Listen to The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone, below…..

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