The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone Part 2

It Couldn't Happen Here
Sun Trine Moon

Following yesterdays introduction, lets now continue with the article proper as we follow the, then blossoming romance of the three amigos in:

The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone

Alex Jones represents the dumming-down of rebellion and a co-opting of the unestablished order of counter cultural forces.

He stands as a pied piper at the gates of hell, ready to lead you along myriad blind alleys of stupidities and cultural divisions.

A provider of easy targets for the prejudices of the disillusioned, discontent, and angry.

For those who know and remember, there have long been loose knit counter cultural movements that have worked tirelessly and fearlessly to expose the wrong doings of corrupt governments and systems around the world.

They have protested loudly against corruption, criminal wars, blatant lies and the propaganda that has been employed to keep citizens, who knows. perhaps even you, pacified and under control. They have, in the main, been peaceful, implacable and above all, inclusive and tolerant.

This zealot would have you believe that all those counter cultural forces that have been pushing back against a corrupt system, are actually tools of that self-same system. If that were the case, why one may ask, was the counter-intelligence program specifically tasked with attacking and disrupting the counter culture movement and black activists?

Something in your narrative Mr Alex Jones, just doesn’t add up.

 Now why would that be?

Many citizens around the world are now awakening to the fact that, for many, many years, in fact for much of history, those in control of governments and business have been solely concerned with greasing their own palms and using tools of communication such as television, radio and newspapers as methods to keep populations asleep as to their true intentions, whilst at the same time disseminating information that often serves to encourage people to act en-masse against their own best interests.

With the advent of the digital age and the birth of social media, the suppression of the flow of information has become more or less impossible – save at the barrel of a gun – serving as a precursor to the sudden awakening of huge segments of the population to the fact that they are often being lied to on a massive scale.

Understandably people are angry. However, there is now a mass of information to drown in.

Much of this information is useful, much of it useless and much of it downright deceitful.

When we find that the outlets of ‘news’ and information that we have previously trusted are sorely lacking, and perhaps even poisonous to our psychological well-being, where is it that we turn for clarity and trusted sources?

How do we assess the tsunami of information headed towards us and ascertain facts from opinion and again reasoned opinion from mere fluff?

Come back soon and find out in the next episode of The Strange Relationship of Infowars Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone.

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