January 6 Committee Confirms rebelinfo.com Suspicions of Wider Insurrection Conspiracy

It Couldn't Happen Here
Sun Trine Moon

To get up to speed on the story so far, listen to the first full-length episode of the rebelinfo.com podcast

The rebelinfo.com January 6 Coincidence:

Are higher powers at work?

United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, has confirmed suspicions first written and heard in a series of articles and recordings at rebelinfo.com beginning on August 21st 2021.

The series of articles follows the words and actions of infowars’ Alex Jones, his sidekick Owen Shroyer, Michael Flynn, and the totally innocent Roger Stone in December 2020 to early January 2021, and the days leading up to the January 6 Insurrection.

It didn’t take long after the publishing of the first article and audio clip of the rebelinfo.com series, for the House January 6 committee to start confirming the need for greater scrutiny into the events and suspicious actions of a number of players in the days leading up to January 6.

On Wednesday September 1 2021, the headline at theguardian.com was “Capitol riot inquiry to investigate whether Trump’s White House was involved in attack.” The article went on to explain:

“The expansion of the dragnet to include 5 January is significant the source said, since it raises the specter of the committee prying open a window into what Trump and his top allies were doing the day before the Capitol attack.”

So just eleven days after our first article, we see signs that the lawmakers are willing to investigate more suspicious words and behaviour from more of Trumps wingmen and sycophants (one not ruling out the possibility of being the other too.)

Article continues below photograph…..

Techniques of Persuasion – From Propaganda to Brainwashing by J.A.C. Brown

The rebelinfo.com January 6 Coincidence:

rebelinfo.com, future news today

Even more amazing was the sudden action that President Biden performed within an even shorter timespan from release of another rebelinfo.com article.

On September 2 2021, we explained “Why Alleged (January 6) Plotters Could Walk Free.”

Using history as our guide, we pointed out the similarities between the shenanigans of Michael Flynn, Alex Jones and his sidekick, Owen Shroyer (oh yeah, and don’t forget the innocent guy, Roger “I’m not in control of anything while I’m flying” Stone) in the lead up to January 6 2021, and the events known as The Business Plot in 1930’s USA.

The Business Plot was a conspiracy launched by numerous wealthy businessmen to overthrow the government of Franklin D. Roosevelt and install a fascist dictator in his place.  These businessmen had looked across the waters to Germany and thought Hitler really had something going on they should try out.

In the article we also explained, that if Michael Flynn believed he could get Trump to declare martial law and re-run the election in the states he narrowly lost, he must also have believed he had enough support in the military ranks to pull it off.

Sure enough, in the early hours of September 9 2021, theguardian.com reported “White House asks Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway to quit military academy boards, video.

An accompanying article published later that day advised:

“The Biden administration has removed 18 Trump appointees to military service academy boards, among them the former press secretary Sean Spicer and adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said: “The president’s objective is what any president’s objective is, to ensure you have nominees and people serving on these boards who are qualified to serve on them and who are aligned with your values.

Associated Press reported on Thursday that the 18 appointees, who also include Trump’s former national security adviser HR McMaster and Office of Management and Budget director Russell Vought, had been removed.”

So now we have two separate events in an incredibly short period of time confirming the thoughts of writers at rebelinfo.com that were published just days before.

You could almost be forgiven for thinking we are psychic here at rebelinfo.

But here’s the thing, when you start looking for events that confirm your suspicions, you’ll likely start to see them everywhere.

You can end up conflating every half-connected fact with your ideas, theories, and suspicions. 

That’s when you start to see “them” and “they” everywhere.

And depending on how informed and practiced in reasoning your friends are, you can probably get your friends to believe the same sort of things you do.

Hell, if you are really brazened, you could start a radio show and force feed people the same baloney day after day, week after week and year after year, playing to your audiences worst fears, and stoking their pet hatreds, and get them believing in all sorts of half and even non-connected facts to prove your worldview.

If you have an impeccable work ethic and messianic zeal, you could probably get millions of people to believe the same things you profess to.

“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future (1886), Chapter IV

Just like Alex Jones.

Don’t be Alex Jones.

And then what will you do with the monster you created?

Jonestown anyone?

Let’s see where this goes!

rebelinfo.com, The News That Knows

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