How The #QAnon Movement Turns Vulnerable Individuals Into Terrorist Patsies

Every now and then you read an article that spectacularly misses the obvious so completely, you have to read and read again to see if you have missed some context.

So it was with an article that buzzed around twitter yesterday entitled:

QAnon’s Madness Is Turning Canadians Into Potential Assassins”

The article tells the story of #QAnon victim, Corey Hurren who crashed a four-door pickup truck through the wrought-iron gates of 1 Sussex Drive in Ottawa. Which is home to a temporary residence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The article states:

“We still don’t know exactly why Hurren acted as he did.”

And notes:

“He was a reservist in the Canadian Forces, an active volunteer” (emphasis

Alex Jones – Stochastic Terrorist

Now, let’s dive down the article a bit further, there should be no surprises here:

Nobody has pointed to any signs of radicalization,  although he seemed to have a longstanding interest in conspiracy theories — a personal website he created in 2003 recommended readers check out Alex Jones’ InfoWars and David Icke’s personal webpage. He embedded GIFs of Bill Gates sprouting horns and transforming into the devil. That, however, was nearly two decades ago.”

He posted the white rabbit meme on his Instagram on March 27, just weeks after having to shut his business due to the lockdown restrictions.

Lots of coincidences in all these ‘Q’ posts,” he wrote, wondering “how this all relates to the Corona virus/COVID-19 situation.” On Instagram, he began following a number of survivalist and ring-wing meme pages from both the United States and Canada.

Ok, so here we have the handbook 101 terrorist patsy. A guy with a weak grasp on logic and unable to accurately assess inforrmation. He’s given to action, volunteering for what he sees as noble causes. He loses his business and due to the stress he looks for answers and think he finds them online. He’s given to a conspiracist outlook and has a history of spreading conspiracy themes without objective appraisal.

He snaps as his livlihood falls apart and takes what he thinks is the highest and most noble cause of action, maybe inspired by conversations partaken on comments boards.

But then:

“We still don’t know exactly why Hurren acted as he did.”

Be seeing you!

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