#QAnon Needs Addressing: Here’s Some History

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For those who are perplexed by the emergence of QAnon, or faintly, or very much perturbed by the individuals who’ve turned up at destinations armed with assualt rifles and other weapons, ready to mete out justice vigilante style, an explanation is in order.

But here’s the thing, you are unlikely to get a full and balanced picture from reading the regular news media. But the understanding of what is happening and how we got here is urgently required. This mess won’t be cleared up by focusing on purely sensational aspects.

The emergence of #QAnon has been a long time coming and the roots of it’s crazed vigilantes, high on righteous propaganda, can be traced back to a visit to The Bohemian Grove by Prostitute of Mammon and snake oil salesman extraordinaire, Infowars Alex Jones, and the unassuming British journalist and author Jon Ronson.

Alex Jones – Self-professed “ugly human centipede”

Whilst most U.S. citizens have heard of Alex Jones, if you haven’t heard of Jon Ronson, I’d recommend any of his many wonderful books you can purchase on Amazon here.

On the 15th July 2000, Jones and Ronson sneaked into the shady world of the Bohemian Grove where they witnessed an owl ceremony which was no doubt bat shit crazy. The apex of the ceremony was the ritual sacrifice of what Jones told his radio audience was a child but which Ronson perceived as some sort of effigy, clearly was some sort of doll, but definitely not human or living.

One of Jones audience was so incensed by what he heard, he turned up himself at Bohemian Grove with weaponry intent on…..you’ve guessed it, meting out justice, vigilante style to right the wrongs of the Grove.

And so, the cookie-cutter template for vigilante style justice, stochastic terrorism stye was born.

You can watch Ronsons take on his visit to Bohemian Grove with Jones below, and stay tuned to rebelinfo.com for more knowledge on the road to #QAonon in the coming weeks….

Be seeing you!

Cometh the hour, cometh the vigilante

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