Alex Jones Practices Witchcraft – Sun News Online

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Actually, The Sun News Online didn’t say directly that Infowars Alex Jones practices withcraft. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the title was clickbait.

You could say that this organ is sometimes given to sniggering at those with primitive beliefs who fall under the influence of Shammat. In the past, we have shone a light on stories of horror in countries such as India and Nigeria, countries we in the West like to patronize by calling “developing.”

Belief In Witchcraft

That was until the breakout of mass hysteria in the United States and the largest brainwashing experiment ever congealed using individuals with primitive beliefs.

That’s right, We’re talking about Christian fundamentalists and those who learnt their thinking, such as it is, through similar faulty primitive methodologies, updated for our age of idiocy.

It is often, via online news sheets such as Nigeria’s Sun News Online that stories of accusations of witchcraft and black magick, directed at mainly innocent women, reach us.

Today, however, we had a surprise when we glanced through our daily digest to find an article on “The Real Meaning of Witchcraft.”

Intrigued by what we might find, we continued to the article and found that, what the author talks about as “witchcraft,” he also terms “wintchcraft” and uses the term interchangeably throughout the article.

And do you know, it describes Alex Jones down to a T!

So here you go, click here read more about “The Real Meaning of Witchcraft” and why infowars Alex Jones is a master practitioner of it.

Be warned, the article gets a bit weird at the end.

Be seeing you…….

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  1. you have outdone yourself


  2. The use of capitalization or not is a give—-away


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