Tom Hanks Coronavirus Chaos Cut-Ups 2

Of course.

Ov course.

It wasn’t of course, as if none of this had been predicted.

Qaonon. The fuck. It’s got a strike-rate like a poor ad by a corporate journeyman only reaching the top spot on search due to ad spend.

Funny thing is people believe that shit.

Funniest thing they were predicted.

Of course.

Confirmation bias.

I see me here I see me there.

Time for T. Or not.

Ever had the feeling you are teetering on the edge?

Of happiness?

So how? how sO?

Pleased to meet you.

I see you there I see you here.

In me.

A reason for that me-and-‘er?

There endeth the first lesson.

Suntrine Moon. M.Palmer 2014-15.

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