Tom Hanks Coronavirus Chaos Cut-Ups

Tom Hanks – Adrenaline

It’s been a funny old lockdown.

Time has acted in a particularly strange fashion.

Too much alchohol and toilet paper terror can have unexpected effects on linearity.

As such, do not expect much in the way of a structured timeline to these events.

Tom Hanks has been a naughty boy. This I found out around the same time as I solved the mystery of where all the toilet paper was disappearing to.

Turns out, of course, there are underground cities. Maybe somewhere near New York.

Churning out babies for ritual slaughter. That’s laughter. With an S.

So, anyway, these kooks that said Covid-19 doesn’t exist. They’re the ones that emptied the shelves. It wasn’t a virus that was coming for them, it was the government.

They had to stock up. Caused a run on chest freezers. Filled ’em to the brim. Three freezers each in case of martial law. Imposed by a government that they’d just voted in themselves.

But the deep state and China and 5G.

You can mention Iran because there are always exceptions to the rule.

One freezer full of toilet roll. Comes in handy after a curry cooked by an Islamo-Fascist. Aren’t most of them Bangladeshi’s in the U.K?

Yup, but to them they’re all Paki’s.

Even Islamo-Fascist is a polite phrase distortion to divert from the true insult.

That’s how they are.

You know if you are one of them.

First it was the Ides of March.

But was it March the Month, or March Cambridgeshire?

Behold the invisible enemy.

#KungFlu they say.

Funny how people were suffering with symptoms exactly the same in Western Europe months before it was detected in China. I’ve spoken to a government scientist who says it is entirely possible.

But the Chinese cover-up. You know, say it if you fancy stifling debate. However, in the government scientist case I didn’t feel stifled. There was just a resignation to the party line above scientific enquiry.

Propaganda for all. Pick your favorite flavor.

Multiple agencies were alerted. Simple relatvely cheap measures could have been taken at any point to check the veracity of the claims.

No one was willing to do them.

That’s what happens when you have to please your “superiors” and not inform them.

That’s what happens when you are scared of your own shadow.

There are too many arselickers in power and not enough arses worth licking.

But the deep state.

Tom Hanks.

Here’s a warning to anyone that may have the urge to become a celebrity.

Or, failing that.

Someone that seeks to become an outstanding example of vocational professionalism.

Tom Hanks.

They see subliminal messaging in film.

We are being programmed. We have no will of our own.

I hear he is a terrible pilot. The plane was ruined.

The underground city is a big punt.

But it is understandable and not without precedent.

Non-existent cellars have previously been raided.

An inevitablity when large groups of people are waking up to that fact that their brains are, in fact, dead.

The zombie outbreak was caused by 5G technology.

Russia instigated a huge whatsapp flood of articles with the tagline “very interesting” before the link.

China turned on the 5G transmitters and first aimed them straight at a British (or Irish) breakfast television presenter called Eamon Holmes.

Holmes had recently spent more time at home than usual drinking whisky and surfing the internet. On one particular day, he felt his mind was more enquiring than normal and when he followed the “very interesing” link, he found it compelling and because he had never thought for himself before, he didn’t realise that it was someone doing his thinking for him again.

He was also a bit pissed when he went to work the next morning.


Still, it was getting to the stage, or maybe it was past or before the stage again, where no one believed anything anyway.

To be fair, I don’t blame the breakfast presenters for having it large, as Trump was doing and saying such outrageous things that it wouldn’t be front page news for long. However they fucked up.

And why should they miss out on the fun when everyone was either having the time of their life relaxing in the sun, going stir crazy in their studio flat, or dying from lack of oxygen.

It just wasn’t fair on the “key worker” early AM presenters.


There’s a lot of realities going around these days.

Easter is coming!

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