Black Magic Rife In African Soccer: Referee

A Kenyan soccer referee has spilled the beans on the most embarrassing moment of his professional career, and in the style that is currently most in fashion for people with any modicum of authority, he hasn’t taken responsibility for his own mistake, but instead blamed supernatural forces.

In an article on the popular Kenyan website Digital Citizen, they recount the tale of Referee Zakaria Ashira who had the misfortune to reach for his pocket to show him the red card to send him off when the card just disappeared.

Occult Paraphenalia
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Of course, the card hadn’t just disappeared, he’d probably just put them in the wrong pocket but Referee Zakaria Ashira was having none of that and claims that the card really vanished due to “black magic.”

Referee Zakaria Ashira went on to say according to the article:

“ Witchcraft is well and truly a part of Kenyan football. I went to Kisumu to officiate a match and I don’t want to reveal the names of the teams,” Ashira elaborated adding, “after a player made a red-card offense I blew my whistle and went to send him off.

“I reached for my pocket but couldn’t find my red card. I searched every pocket to no avail and as play continued later I found all my cards tucked inside my breast pocket! I’ve never wrapped whatever happened around my head,”

The article also goes on to inform us that witchcraft has now been banned from Rwandan soccer:

“In December 2016 Rwanda reportedly banned witchcraft from soccer after a player interrupted a match to dig up bad juju believing that it had helped Rayons Sports striker Moussa Camara to score an equalizer against Mukura FC.

Following that incident the SUN football reported that African chiefs resorted to ban players performing witchcraft- as there were fears it is used to gain an unfair advantage during games.”

Read more at Digital Citizen

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