Trump Fumes As Witch-Hunt Book List Ignores Trump-Russia

Donald Trump: Tall Stories

Unidentified sources who some have said are close to the inner-circles of White House intrigue have leaked to the media that Donald Trump is mad as hell that a list of books about the Top 10 Witch-Hunts in history, published in an article on The Guardian website, did not include a book about what a horrible, horrible witch-hunt the Trump-Russia enquiry was.

For Donald Trump but also America.

Donald Trump was probably quoted as saying:*

“It’s very sad what has happened to our country. And our world. I’m not saying it is the fault of the Chinese, but where there is smoke. But the Democrats, like Mueller and Comey. Their phony Trump-Russia WITCHUNT in which their was no collusion should definitely be a book on this list. Quite frankly, it’s a terrible failure from a horrible and failing media company. We’ll be looking at our legal options.”

The Guardian might have responded* that evidence suggests there were dealings between the Trump 2016 election campaign and Russia but that’s a moot point.

As there is no book called Trump-Russia WITCHUNT.

Read more at The Guardian website……..

*Small Print: It’s best not to trust unidentified sources and Donald Trump

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