“Leftists, Witches and Satanists,” Destroying America – Non-Profit Says

A non profit website in the United States has declared that:

“Witches and Satanists have teamed up with leftists to destroy America.”

Witch Photo
Possibly A Witch Plotting To Destroy America

The website states in its “about us” section that it:

“is a non-profit Internet (sic) service dedicated to issues of culture, life, and family.”

However, further down the page in a list of so called principles it also states:

“3. LifeSiteNews.com’s writers and its founders, have come to understand that respect for life and family are endangered by an international conflict. That conflict is between radically opposed views of the worth and dignity of every human life and of family life and community. It has been caused by secularists attempting to eliminate Christian morality and natural law principles which are seen as the primary obstacles to implementing their new world order.

4. LifeSiteNews.com understands that abortion, euthanasia, cloning, homosexuality and all other moral, life and family issues are all interconnected in an international conflict affecting all nations, even at the most local levels. LifeSiteNews attempts to provide its readers with the big picture and the most useful and up-to-date information on this conflict.

5. LifeSiteNews.com attempts to dispel confusion and ignorance, enable constructive dialogue and help informed decisions to be made and appropriate actions to be taken for the good of all.”

These views sound, unsurprisingly, suspiciously like the dodgy world view points being pushed by apparently “internationally successful business owner, Craig Huey [who claims he] has created thousands of jobs and knows how to make “tough decisions.””

Casting political enemies as agents of the devil is as old as the hills of course. The technique has been much improved and honed since the days when primitive villagers would lynch an innocent female they had labeled a witch, blamed for an unfortunate event which she had no connection to and just had the misfortune of being “that strange woman up the street that people don’t like.”

The article in question claims that, regarding the ongoing peaceful protests:

“the left has used the occasion to bring together ecologists, socialists, feminists, LGBT activists, pro-abortion advocates, and others to push their false class struggle narratives upon the American public. Less known, however, is the involvement of darker forces. Satanists and witches were invoking evil powers to aid those participating in the violence.”

It goes on to say:

“The witches are part of a growing movement mixing politics and the occult.”

Well, if they are going to mix their own god up with politics, it’s no surprise their unclaimed shadow comes a knocking……..

As a bonus for younger christian male and bisexual female readers of Life Site the article also featured a picture of a young, very attractive female posing as witch.

Perfect masturbation material for christian youth who have had enough of their parents’ bullshit and need encouraging to seek a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Read more at the laughingly named life site………

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