The Tom Hanks Coronavirus Chaos Cut-Ups Part 3

Stardate: Somewhere around March 27th 2020

…I dropped off for an hour or two. Maybe it was a day or two. Maybe that cigarette was too strong. Maybe lock down gets you like this. Once the panic buying is over, the sanitary product shortage addressed and the stores stocked up again.

Maybe lockdown is just like Christmas without the fun. Days consuming large quantities of everything just roll in to one, you don’t know what day it is and you don’t know how long your body and mind has been festering on the couch. In fact, maybe lockdown is more fun than Christmas, because you don’t have to worry about Christmas. And then you flick the channel and see the tally of ill, the tally of deaths and you remember the horror going on outside. Inside other peoples homes, the grief, the fear.

Turns out, Trump seems to have changed his mind (if only a replacement mind were available) on getting America back to work by Easter. In fact he wants almost everyone to stay at home for another 30 days to prevent up to 2.2 million U.S. citizens dying. He’s mentioning FEMA a lot. I’m noting that one down now, as FEMA is a trigger Alex Jones Jones has used coming to imply the state agency could be used for federal overreach up to and including the imposition of martial law and death camps, by an out of control authoritarian federal government. Trumps policy u-turn is also out of step with Alf’s assertion that the whole thing is a hoax and Coronavirus is no worse than the flu.

It seems to me that Alf and Alex Jones most often get their news from the same source. It sure can’t be that Alf gets his news from Alex Jones, as Alf has told me that he doesn’t watch infowars. He says he thinks infowars is to the Republicans that which CNN is to the Democrats. Alf doesn’t know about or remember Glenn Beck on CNN. It’s not the right time to muddy the waters, just when someone is starting to see nonsense so clearly.

“This weekend is the one. Trumps going to do it. He’s coming for them all…..”

Does that include Tom Hanks, I wondered?

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