The Tom Hanks Coronavirus Chaos Cut-Ups

I knew things were going to be bad when I read the report of an elderly lady returning from China being asked to make her way home via Heathrow, to somewhere up North and self isolate when she got there. Her son pointed out she’d be travelling from London, through busy terminals, potentially exposing a virus to hundreds or thousands of fellow passengers during her transit.

I knew things were going to be worse when a cabinet minister was asked about this on live radio the next morning and confessed to knowing nothing about it and she’d raise the situation forthwith on her return to Whitehall. On her return, the nations worst fears were confirmed, when it was announced that the returnees from China would be quarantined for 14 days. Yes, Radio 5 Breakfast now appeared in charge of formulating UK Government policy with regard to Coronavirus.

Psychic Economic Attack Causes Colloidal Silver Shortage
(The scarcity sales approach)

If having a government that were stupid (let’s face it, any idiot can accidentally insert their cock into a dead pig) weren’t bad enough, we now had one that was stupid and lazy. This had all the makings of a disaster.

If things were dark in the so called real world, out in the conspiracyverse and Trump Defence Leagues, worlds were darker. For my friend Alf, a real seeker who has found truth and the way to salvation through Trump and Qanon, things were clear. “You’re either for us or against us at this point,” he opined.

“He’ll be a god if he’s identified the cure for Coronavirus.”

I sighed inwardly. This wasn’t going to go well.

Somewhere in the not to distant future, a terrified couple attempt to foolproof themselves against Covid19 by ingesting chloroquine phosphate (of a type made for cleaning fish tanks) which Trump had touted to the world as a possible cure for Covid19. Now of course, he didn’t suggest that people ingest fish tank cleaner but……. The man died and the woman survived. The woman said they took it because “I saw it sitting on the back shelf and thought, ‘Hey, isn’t that the stuff they’re talking about on TV?'”

Monkey say. Monkey do.

The excusers came out in force to defend Trump, but their thinking was somewhat muddled. Of all the lame excusers, the shit that quickly rose to the top and stayed there was Styxhexenhammer666 who called his fellow Trump supporters “dumb,” and “dumb for blaming Trump.”

And worse. Dumbass husband. Dumbass wife. One, dead. One, half full of life.

Whoda thunk someones could be so dumb as to eat fish tank cleaner? And whoda thunk theys would be so dumb as to do that, and be smart enough to vote Trump at the same time? It is just this type of philosophical anomaly that an inquest can never hope to satisfactorily answer.

Too dry.

Elsewhere, sufferers of Lupus, a long term auto-immune disease struggled to source medical Chloroquine after the presidents comments caused a worldwide run on the compound.

A text from Alf. “Can’t go into things in detail but Tom Hanks is in trouble. Keep watching my friend, they’re coming for them all in the next few weeks. Charges of treason against the U.S.


A lot of realities float around out there these days.

That being the case, it came as no surprise that in the UK, the Chief Advisor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was having to fight allegations that he had argued to let old people die after the herd immunity strategy fell apart. No.10 vehemently denied the claims, calling them pure fabrication according to The Guardian. Unfortunately, a few weeks before, Cummings had made some dodgy hires to government after having a good one that should have been forgotton after the alcohol and coke wore off.

Not only did Cummings think it would be a wheeze to advertise for “misfits and weirdos” to work at the heart of government, he then went ahead and did it.

I wondered about Tom Hanks.

Andrew Sabisky

One promising superstar misfit and weirdo that caught Cummings eye, was one Andrew Sabisky, who shortly after transpired to have been caught musing and enthusing about a number of dubious themes on the internet such as…

“….The benefits of giving everyone modafinil once a week are probably worth a dead kid once a year.”

((We mitigate for road deaths, guns don’t kill people, people do))


“There are excellent reasons to think the very real racial differences in intelligence are significantly – even mostly – genetic in origin….That debate busily bustles on, and I’m sure we’ll have more precise answers in another 5 years or so, though whether the politicians will pay any attention is debatable. It would be nice if they did from the standpoint of immigration control (in the UK, that is).”


“If the mean black American IQ is (best estimate based on a century’s worth of data) around 85, as compared to a mean white American IQ of 100, then if IQ is normally distributed (which it is), you will see a far greater percentage of blacks than whites in the range of IQs 75 or below, at which point we are close to the typical boundary for mild mental retardation. Typically criminals with IQs below 70 cannot be executed in the USA, I believe.

That parsimoniously explains the greater diagnostic rates for blacks when it comes to ‘Intellectual disability’.”

……and on…

“One way to get around the problems of unplanned pregnancies creating a permanent underclass would be to legally enforce universal uptake of long-term contraception at the onset of puberty. Vaccination laws give it a precedent, I would argue.”

And then, well, make of this what you wish.


So really, it’s no surprise that people might be suspicious of Dominic Cummings motives. It is not too much of a leap of faith to think that a man who may enthusiastically employ Andrew Sabisky, might also look on Covid19 as an opportunity. I mean, if as many elderly people and folk with underlying health issues die as they say could, well, yes, of course, there will be short term pain, but in the long run, that is a lot of NHS resources freed up. That’a a lot of social housing freed up and that’s a lot of pensions and some of the most costly forms of care and benefits freed up too. In fact put like that, you can’t help but wonder if that was factored in to the herd immunity strategy from the start.

A lot of realities float around out there these days.

It’s ironic, I thought, that a president that wanted to build a wall around his own country to stop people from getting in, is now, by enacting his own policies, going to end up with a situation where all other countries are going to be erecting walls to keep America out. What was that about Tom Hanks?

Tom Hanks

Let’s not get ahead of the future.

Now, some of you may remember the last few transmissions from this organ concerning Alex Jones. It was a while ago, and time can sometimes be funny that way…….

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