Infowars Alex Jones and Roger Stone Appear at D.C. Press Club as Law Suits & Allegations of Sexual Abuse & Discrimination Reach Fever Pitch

AJ Bootlicker

Alex Jones froths at the mouth in Washington D.C.

Donald Trump bootlickers and apologists Alex Jones and Roger Stone are appearing at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. this evening, with Jones giving a speech that he claims will address “the raft of anti-free speech lawsuits targeting his First Amendment rights.”

As reported previously by, over the course of the last few years a number of former employees have aired their grievances after either being fired by Jones or leaving, as they can no longer align their conscience with Jones stretching and warping of reality and his blatant and outright lies.

Some former employees have let it known that they are in fear of speaking out due to alleged threats that have been made to them regarding non-disclosure agreements they signed when they went to work for Jones and Infowars.

In one of the latest lawsuits against Jones and Infowars, Jones is accused of falsely accusing a man of being the Parkland shooter, posting a picture of him on the Infowars website and labelling him a “commie.” Once again, Jones is using selective quoting of media sources to attempt to publicly defend himself, further his own cause and invert the meaning of what others have said.

According to an Infowars article regarding the matter:

“….the latest lawsuit against Infowars, brought by an individual falsely named as the Parkland shooter, is “a general attack on InfoWars and Alex Jones and their fans” and does not rest on any sound legal basis.”

Of course, surprise surprise, that isn’t exactly what The Daily Beast article said, although, of course, Infowars would not have been able to become what it is today if it had an audience who knew anything about fact-checking.

The Daily Beast article actually partially says the opposite of the case “does not rest on any sound legal basis.”  Here is what it really said:

““The core of the lawsuit—that InfoWars falsely accused Mr. Fontaine of being the shooter—states a very plausible claim for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” White told The Daily Beast. “The problem is that the complaint buries that core wrong into a general attack on InfoWars and Alex Jones and their fans.”

So the article actually states that the core of the lawsuit DOES have a sound legal basis, but as it also points to other lies and conspiracies concocted by Infowars but not connected to the case in question, Jones will probably be able to wriggle out on a technicality related to free speech, which in Jones case means the freedom to lie without consequence.

Meanwhile, according to Mother Jones (who we understand is no relation of Alex Jones) via The Daily Mail Jones is being accused of sexual harassment and discrimination, with one ex-employee, “Ashley Beckford, a former production assistant for InfoWars‘ parent company, Free Speech Systems, alleging Jones “often spent his time shirtless, and endlessly leering…at female employees and guests”

She further goes on to allege:

“Jones made unwanted sexual advances and allegedly groped her while commenting, “Who wouldn’t want to have a black wife?”

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