Daily Mail Online Ignores Allegations of Fraud in Pro-Brexit Campaign


Christopher Wylie gives testimony to the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee investigation into fake news

March 27th, 2018 – For those of you who may have been keeping up with the news in the UK today, there has only been one story worth talking about.

Readers of rebelinfo.com would not have been surprised to see something like this occurring, especially if they had read the articles published back in late October and early December entitled:

Exclusive: How Trump Russia Stole Twitter


Reality Alert: Facebook Shared Billions of Propaganda Posts on Behalf of Trump/Brexit

The story that everyone was talking about today, of course, was the astounding testimony of a young man named Christopher Wylie who appeared in front of the House of Commons digital, culture, media and sport select committee in a marathon four-hour session in which he made a number of stunning allegations.

The most stunning of all was the allegation that all the major pro-Brexit campaign groups colluded to use one firm linked to Cambridge Analytica for most of their allocated campaign spend.  Wylie further suggested that the owner of Cambridge Analytica, billionaire Robert Mercer, ploughed millions into the company to avoid election spending laws and undercharged select political clients to further his own political interests, an allegation which a member of the select committee suggested amounted to fraud.  Wylie responded by saying he wouldn’t or couldn’t use that word, but the allegation was implicit in what he had said.

So what would you think that the headline would be on the Daily Mail online, a newspaper that had made the Brexit vote its defining cause for many a long year?  Would it be up in arms about Christopher Wylie’s testimony?  Would it have a fit of pique at an alleged assault on British democracy?

No, not at all.  On this of all days, The Mail Online showed its serious reporting credentials by headlining with:

“Litter warden chases woman who emptied her SHOE in the street and threatens her with a £2,500 fine – only giving up when she takes sanctuary in a friend’s house”


Enough said

Yup, that’s right, on the day it was alleged that British democracy was under attack from not only foreign entities but also possibly members of the Conservative government, The Mail Online decided to lead with an inconsequential virtue signal to the politically incorrect.

Twenty four stories down the website was the first mention of Christopher Wylie’s testimony and even then they headlined that with a possible Kenyan murder linked to Cambridge Analytica and not the real story that Christopher Wylie had alleged that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove had been part of a criminal conspiracy to rig the Brexit vote via collusion and cheating the spending rules.


What is it that The Mail is so scared of about this story?

Walls come tumbling down, perhaps?

Be seeing you!


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