Bonkers John Bolton Said Trump Was Under House Arrest

Bonkers John Bolton

Bonkers John Bolton

Bonkers John Bolton may now be Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor but it wasn’t long ago that he was complaining and feeding stories to the alt-right media that John Kelly had Trump locked away under house arrest and was stopping him and others from accessing the president.

Back in early September, Breitbart and Infowars and all the usual alt-right suspects were whipping their acolytes into a false feeding frenzy by suggesting that Trump was under house arrest by “The Generals” and in particular White House Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly.

The source of this story was the mealy-mouthed Mike Cernovich who on a live broadcast on Infowars said the following:

(AJ = Alex Jones, MC = Mike Cernovich)

AJ (Interrupts) – “Last week you were halfway to defending Kelly saying, well, anybody can walk in, it is a circus, now you’re not.”

MC – “Yah, and I mean that’s the way things change when you’re covering the White House, things change by the day, you can have a story today that’s 100% true and then tomorrow, everything is different, it’s a different world, or the time, that’s why, in a way it’s such a frantic pace for everyone to cover it, so in any event I’d heard that they had been withholding access to people with Trump and limiting the information he’s got.”

AJ – “You were saying that last week…you were saying that was happening a month ago with Infowars and others but now we even have Bolton, uh, saying he’s not allowed to talk to the president.”

MC – “Yes, exactly, so that’s what we were getting into is, John Bolton had been at the White House nearly every week, he had open access to come in whenever he wanted he had credentials it was no big deal, they had him there the president liked to talk to him and Bolton was rumoured to be McMasters replacement for National Security Advisor. Now you might or might not agree with that but that’s a different conversation, the point is John Bolton cannot get in to see Trump, that’s, how in the world, when I read, when I read, John Bolton said please retweet this article, so Trump sees it, I felt what in the heck? This is complete madness….., ‘house arrest’ is what I heard, once again a figure of speech, and once Bolton, and once Bolton said that I said ok, I need to get the full story out, I need to tell people everything that I’ve heard about the White House, the information control and everything like that, of course, the deep state trolls are out trying to discredit me and attack me and blah, blah, blah, welcome to Thursday afternoon.”

So there you have it.  It appears that John Bolton is prepared to throw any old horseshit to the alt-right and Fox News in order to further his agenda.

Mealy Mouthed Mike Cernovich

Mealy Mouthed: Mike Cernovich

One worrying takeaway from Cernovich’s exchange with Trump, however, is that he correctly predicted Bolton as succeeding H.R. McMaster as Trump’s National Security advisor.  This either points to a long-term plan by Trump to bring more crazies into his circus or, a successful long-term plan by crazies to influence Trump and get to his inner circle to further god knows what agenda.

Oh lordy!

Be seeing you!

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