Trump – Russia – Infowars Goes Full Charles Manson and Declares Civil War



Alex Jones’ Infowars put a twelve-year-old live on-air to declare civil war in the United States on Saturday evening.

The twelve-year-old described the “plot by deep state Forces,” – which turns out to be nothing more than public officials just doing their job – as a “false witch hunt” (yup) which was part of an “all-out information war right now,” and “they are trying to take down your president and you can’t let that happen.”

The bits where his throat goes a bit dry in this video could signify where he might be lying….

The twelve-year-old then went on to declare…..

“You need to pick up your weapons and go to war”

And also in a nod to the failed campaign to award The Washington Post, Donald Trump’s just oh-so-coincidentally conceived “FAKE NEWS TROPHY,” described Roy Moore as an “appropriate candidate.”


Elsewhere on Infowars, Paul Jospeh Watson called Michael Flynn’s decision to plead guilty to lying to the FBI a “nothing-burger.”

So let me get this straight Infowars…..

You are asking your audience to pick up their weapons and go take part in a massive civil war all over a nothing burger?

And you are getting a twelve-year-old to ask them to do it on your behalf?

Now, you remember the bit where Charles Manson never actually carried out the murders, right?

Be seeing you!

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