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Infowars’ Alex Jones Suggests Pedophilia is a Nursing Home Plan for Men In Alabama

Infowars’ Alex Jones appears to be saying that hanging around shopping malls and molesting underage girls is part of a rich Southern tradition Continue reading

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Reality Alert: Facebook Shared Billions of Propaganda Posts on Behalf of Trump/Brexit

Powerful people understand that people with flaky beliefs, wherever they congregate en-masse, whether that congregation be at their local church, online, or in front of TV screens with their audiences of millions, can be a perfect tool for feeding propaganda … Continue reading

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Trump – Russia – Infowars Goes Full Charles Manson and Declares Civil War

Alex Jones’ Infowars put a twelve-year-old live on-air to declare civil war in the United States on Saturday evening

The twelve-year-old declared….

“You need to pick up your weapons and go to war” Continue reading

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