A Conspiracy of Idiots: The Project Veritas Wapo Sting, Donald Trump, and Infowars Marathon Broadcast






Whilst, at this point in the evolution of the species, most sentient humans have long since come to the conclusion that you can’t take what you read in the media, any media, at face value, there are a relatively small group of idiots who have convinced a relatively large group of idiots, that what they are publically promoting, or electronically publishing is the unabashed and inviolable truth.

“Do your own research and come to your own conclusions,” they may tell you –  as long as that research consists of studying a very narrow band of narratives and pre-supplied conclusions you’ll be “one of the tribe.”  But step outside those narratives and reality tunnels and you’ll be a pariah.  A Judas goat.  Perhaps a liberal shill, or an agent of the Deep State.

That’s freedom for ya!

In the world of the rabid Trump conspiracy clan, those who dare to think for themselves are heretics.  This article is not here to claim conspiracies don’t exist.  Of course, they do.  But, as the dear departed Robert Anton Wilson once said:

“Every conspiracy eventually collapses in on itself….stupidity has a definite evolutionary function.”

So now if you will, let us do a little light research and draw some conclusions about the timing of some actions by some very stupid idiots, who have obviously just conspired to attempt to pull off the alt-right media coup of the century.  And failed in a dismal, yet comical fashion.

From the true idiot, one can only draw wisdom…

Over the course of this weekend, I happened by Alex Jones’ comedy Trump propaganda outlet, Infowars.  I used to be an avid watcher of Jones and Infowars, not because I thought there was any truth to be found there, but because it seemed such an obvious brainwashing tool to make folks think and act in a way that was against their own best interests.

The fact that in the end Jones came out supporting Trump, a member of the elite that Jones had hitherto claimed to despise seemed an obvious red flag to me, and led me among other various threads, to write an article entitled The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone which at the time, as far as I know, was the first in-depth article to assert a high level conspiracy at the heart of the Trump campaign.  That was back in June 2016.  I submitted the article for publication at alternet.org but it was ignored.  Ho Hum!

Anyhow, this weekend Jones and Infowars were going hell for leather promoting a marathon 34-hour live broadcast that apparently was going to “expose the enemies of America and teach you how to fight against establishment propaganda and fake news.”


This seemed extreme, even for Jones, as Infowars claims to do such things all day every day, even though Infowars is a crock of shit and does no such thing at all.  I started to wonder if this broadcast was some last act of desperation in the face of the coming Mueller juggernaut that looks set to mow down the whole Trump administration complete with lackeys and goons.

Then, I noticed that Trump had once more gone into overdrive in his tirade against fake news, lambasting CNN in particular.  Regular readers of my articles will know I have little sympathy for CNN due to their hosting of Glenn Beck some ten years or so ago which helped get the whole alt-right infection started in the first place, as Beck was allowed to do his Alex Jones lite impression to not only audiences in the United States, but also globally via CNN International.  Chickens coming home to roost, I thought.

However, linking the two together, and gauging Trump turning the fake news dial up to eleven, it appeared to me something was afoot between Trump’s crazed CNN fake news rants and Jones’ and Infowars’ brainwashathon.

I have written elsewhere before, how there seemed to be a link between a nudge and a wink from Trump on a certain issue and Jones and Infowars taking the nudge and driving it the whole way to crazy

So it was, with some amusement that I arrived home from work in dear Ol’ Blighty on Monday evening to see that Trump had upped the ante by tweeting:

We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!”


Leaving aside the fact that anyone leaving Fox News out of the running for the FAKE NEWS TROPHY must themselves be certifiably insane, it seemed obvious there was a direct line between Trump’s renewed attacks on the media and Jones’ and Infowars’ 34-hour broadcast.  Was Trump just playing the warm-up act?

I was in no way prepared for what came next, however, because the stupidity of whoever planned it will go down in history as an idiot of the ages.

To prepare, perhaps Alan Moore should help explain my meaning here:

Not long after Trump had tweeted his “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” award and Alex Jones was revving up his 34-hour tirade against “fake media” The Washington Post spilled out a story entitled:

A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation.”

Could it be that Trump, Jones, Infowars and Project Veritas had conspired in this fake news event and it was meant to be the crowning glory of Infowars’ 34 hour marathon broadcast where it would be, by an amazing coincidence of timing, that WaPo could receive the “FAKE NEWS TROPHY” live on Infowars as the culmination of their event?

And who was pulling all those strings together?

Could it be The Strange Relationship of Infowars’ Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Roger Stone Part II, anyone?


Be seeing you!

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