Alex Jones’ Infowars is Spying on its Audience – and Sharing the Information


Infowars’ Alex Jones – Triggering the Shooters

For years, Alex Jones and his Infowars outfit have been telling you that you can’t trust the government because they are spying on you.  Personal privacy has long been an infowarriors’ cause championed by Jones in the fight against the New World Order, who apparently, according to Jones, want to implant microchips in you to monitor your every move and thought.

So the last thing that Infowars would be doing would be building personal profiles of the people that visit the Infowars site and sharing the information with third parties, right?


The ‘terms and conditions’ that have recently appeared on the Infowars’ readers comments section tell a whole different story.  Right there, hidden in plain sight, Jones and Infowars give the game away as to how much they respect your right to personal privacy.  So let us look at section 3 of the Infowars ‘terms and conditions’ entitled ‘Privacy’ and see just how much Jones cares for your privacy:

  • 3.2. You agree that we may use your personal identifying information to enforce this Agreement, and when complying with an order of a court or other government entity of competent jurisdiction.
  • 3.4. We us cookies, log files, and third parties to create a profile of our users and the information gathered is personally identifiable as belonging to you so that we can better determine what Services and System adjustments will optimize your experience at the Website. We may share this information with third parties but only in a way that does not identify you or any particular person individually.
Infowars' Privacy

Infowars privacy policy

That’s right, Infowars use cookies, log files AND THIRD PARTIES to create a profile of their users.  But they promise they won’t personally identify you.  Because Infowars and Jones have a long history of telling the truth, so you don’t need to worry about them selling you out at all.  Unless there is a chance they might lose money or go to jail that is.

In which case you are fucked, especially if you have been making violent threats via their comments section.

Didn’t think it through, did you?

Oh, and apologies for posting this and breaking the Infowars terms and conditions.  But at least I am over the age of 18 years and allowed to visit your site under your t&c’s.

What was that you were saying about being part of the tribe?


Infowars’ Alex Jones – Triggering the Shooters

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