Infowars Alex Jones and Roger Stone Appear at D.C. Press Club as Law Suits & Allegations of Sexual Abuse & Discrimination Reach Fever Pitch

AJ Bootlicker

Alex Jones froths at the mouth in Washington D.C.

Donald Trump bootlickers and apologists Alex Jones and Roger Stone are appearing at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. this evening, with Jones giving a speech that he claims will address “the raft of anti-free speech lawsuits targeting his First Amendment rights.”

As reported previously by, over the course of the last few years a number of former employees have aired their grievances after either being fired by Jones or leaving, as they can no longer align their conscience with Jones stretching and warping of reality and his blatant and outright lies.

Some former employees have let it known that they are in fear of speaking out due to alleged threats that have been made to them regarding non-disclosure agreements they signed when they went to work for Jones and Infowars.

In one of the latest lawsuits against Jones and Infowars, Jones is accused of falsely accusing a man of being the Parkland shooter, posting a picture of him on the Infowars website and labelling him a “commie.” Once again, Jones is using selective quoting of media sources to attempt to publicly defend himself, further his own cause and invert the meaning of what others have said.

According to an Infowars article regarding the matter:

“….the latest lawsuit against Infowars, brought by an individual falsely named as the Parkland shooter, is “a general attack on InfoWars and Alex Jones and their fans” and does not rest on any sound legal basis.”

Of course, surprise surprise, that isn’t exactly what The Daily Beast article said, although, of course, Infowars would not have been able to become what it is today if it had an audience who knew anything about fact-checking.

The Daily Beast article actually partially says the opposite of the case “does not rest on any sound legal basis.”  Here is what it really said:

““The core of the lawsuit—that InfoWars falsely accused Mr. Fontaine of being the shooter—states a very plausible claim for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” White told The Daily Beast. “The problem is that the complaint buries that core wrong into a general attack on InfoWars and Alex Jones and their fans.”

So the article actually states that the core of the lawsuit DOES have a sound legal basis, but as it also points to other lies and conspiracies concocted by Infowars but not connected to the case in question, Jones will probably be able to wriggle out on a technicality related to free speech, which in Jones case means the freedom to lie without consequence.

Meanwhile, according to Mother Jones (who we understand is no relation of Alex Jones) via The Daily Mail Jones is being accused of sexual harassment and discrimination, with one ex-employee, “Ashley Beckford, a former production assistant for InfoWars‘ parent company, Free Speech Systems, alleging Jones “often spent his time shirtless, and endlessly leering…at female employees and guests”

She further goes on to allege:

“Jones made unwanted sexual advances and allegedly groped her while commenting, “Who wouldn’t want to have a black wife?”

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Daily Mail Online Ignores Allegations of Fraud in Pro-Brexit Campaign


Christopher Wylie gives testimony to the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee investigation into fake news

March 27th, 2018 – For those of you who may have been keeping up with the news in the UK today, there has only been one story worth talking about.

Readers of would not have been surprised to see something like this occurring, especially if they had read the articles published back in late October and early December entitled:

Exclusive: How Trump Russia Stole Twitter


Reality Alert: Facebook Shared Billions of Propaganda Posts on Behalf of Trump/Brexit

The story that everyone was talking about today, of course, was the astounding testimony of a young man named Christopher Wylie who appeared in front of the House of Commons digital, culture, media and sport select committee in a marathon four-hour session in which he made a number of stunning allegations.

The most stunning of all was the allegation that all the major pro-Brexit campaign groups colluded to use one firm linked to Cambridge Analytica for most of their allocated campaign spend.  Wylie further suggested that the owner of Cambridge Analytica, billionaire Robert Mercer, ploughed millions into the company to avoid election spending laws and undercharged select political clients to further his own political interests, an allegation which a member of the select committee suggested amounted to fraud.  Wylie responded by saying he wouldn’t or couldn’t use that word, but the allegation was implicit in what he had said.

So what would you think that the headline would be on the Daily Mail online, a newspaper that had made the Brexit vote its defining cause for many a long year?  Would it be up in arms about Christopher Wylie’s testimony?  Would it have a fit of pique at an alleged assault on British democracy?

No, not at all.  On this of all days, The Mail Online showed its serious reporting credentials by headlining with:

“Litter warden chases woman who emptied her SHOE in the street and threatens her with a £2,500 fine – only giving up when she takes sanctuary in a friend’s house”


Enough said

Yup, that’s right, on the day it was alleged that British democracy was under attack from not only foreign entities but also possibly members of the Conservative government, The Mail Online decided to lead with an inconsequential virtue signal to the politically incorrect.

Twenty four stories down the website was the first mention of Christopher Wylie’s testimony and even then they headlined that with a possible Kenyan murder linked to Cambridge Analytica and not the real story that Christopher Wylie had alleged that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove had been part of a criminal conspiracy to rig the Brexit vote via collusion and cheating the spending rules.


What is it that The Mail is so scared of about this story?

Walls come tumbling down, perhaps?

Be seeing you!

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Bonkers John Bolton Said Trump Was Under House Arrest

Bonkers John Bolton

Bonkers John Bolton

Bonkers John Bolton may now be Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor but it wasn’t long ago that he was complaining and feeding stories to the alt-right media that John Kelly had Trump locked away under house arrest and was stopping him and others from accessing the president.

Back in early September, Breitbart and Infowars and all the usual alt-right suspects were whipping their acolytes into a false feeding frenzy by suggesting that Trump was under house arrest by “The Generals” and in particular White House Chief of Staff, John F. Kelly.

The source of this story was the mealy-mouthed Mike Cernovich who on a live broadcast on Infowars said the following:

(AJ = Alex Jones, MC = Mike Cernovich)

AJ (Interrupts) – “Last week you were halfway to defending Kelly saying, well, anybody can walk in, it is a circus, now you’re not.”

MC – “Yah, and I mean that’s the way things change when you’re covering the White House, things change by the day, you can have a story today that’s 100% true and then tomorrow, everything is different, it’s a different world, or the time, that’s why, in a way it’s such a frantic pace for everyone to cover it, so in any event I’d heard that they had been withholding access to people with Trump and limiting the information he’s got.”

AJ – “You were saying that last week…you were saying that was happening a month ago with Infowars and others but now we even have Bolton, uh, saying he’s not allowed to talk to the president.”

MC – “Yes, exactly, so that’s what we were getting into is, John Bolton had been at the White House nearly every week, he had open access to come in whenever he wanted he had credentials it was no big deal, they had him there the president liked to talk to him and Bolton was rumoured to be McMasters replacement for National Security Advisor. Now you might or might not agree with that but that’s a different conversation, the point is John Bolton cannot get in to see Trump, that’s, how in the world, when I read, when I read, John Bolton said please retweet this article, so Trump sees it, I felt what in the heck? This is complete madness….., ‘house arrest’ is what I heard, once again a figure of speech, and once Bolton, and once Bolton said that I said ok, I need to get the full story out, I need to tell people everything that I’ve heard about the White House, the information control and everything like that, of course, the deep state trolls are out trying to discredit me and attack me and blah, blah, blah, welcome to Thursday afternoon.”

So there you have it.  It appears that John Bolton is prepared to throw any old horseshit to the alt-right and Fox News in order to further his agenda.

Mealy Mouthed Mike Cernovich

Mealy Mouthed: Mike Cernovich

One worrying takeaway from Cernovich’s exchange with Trump, however, is that he correctly predicted Bolton as succeeding H.R. McMaster as Trump’s National Security advisor.  This either points to a long-term plan by Trump to bring more crazies into his circus or, a successful long-term plan by crazies to influence Trump and get to his inner circle to further god knows what agenda.

Oh lordy!

Be seeing you!

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Donald Trump and the “I Was Framed by my own Side” Trump Russia Defence

A couple of days ago, leading Trump-Russia news blog Palmer Report ran a story suggesting that Donald Trump’s new choice of attorney in the Trump-Russia investigation, will be Fox News guest Joe diGenova.


The theory, according to Palmer Report is that diGenova will push the line that Trump has been “framed by everyone from the FBI to the Department of Justice to Hillary Clinton.”

However, following the revelations of the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data breach scandal and the willingness of Cambridge Analytica’s CEO to spill the beans on some of the company’s dirtiest campaign tricks to undercover reporters from the UK’s Channel 4 news, it sure looks like Donald Trump will now be saying he was an unwitting patsy for Cambridge Analytica’s political campaign experiments.

Here’s what CA CEO, Alexander Nix, told reporters regarding the awareness of political candidates who had retained the companies services as to exactly what it is they get up to on their clients’ behalf:

“He went on to describe how political candidates are manipulated.”

 “They don’t understand because the candidate never, is never involved. He’s told what to do by the campaign team.” The reporter asks if that means the candidate is just a puppet, and Nix replies simply: “Always.”

So now we have the prospect of Trump not only claiming he’s been framed by every entity that is investigating and protesting his presidency but also being able to claim that he was framed by his own people in order to win the election itself.

How much plausible deniability Trump can work into his defence from the Cambridge Analytica revelations remains to be seen but if the candidate is “always just a puppet,” it does lead one to ask just who the puppet master might be, and why back in 2014 Cambridge Analytica were briefing a Russian oil company, according to a further report in The Guardian:

“Energy firm Lukoil, which is now on the US sanctions list and has been used as a vehicle of government influence, saw a presentation on the firm’s work in 2014. It began with a focus on voter suppression in Nigeria, and Cambridge Analytica also discussed “micro-targeting” individuals on social media during elections.”

Quite what a Russian oil company needs to be doing with information about “voter suppression” and “micro-targeting” individuals on social media during elections, we can only currently surmise.  However, it may be of value to note that around 2014, many of the conspiracy forums on social media platforms, especially “Chemtrail” Groups and “9/11 Truth” forums became flooded by pro-Brexit propaganda and anti-immigrant right-wing memes which slowly fed their way out into the mainstream before gaining critical mass in the run-up to the Brexit vote and again for the 2016 U.S. election.


Channel 4 News undercover sting on Cambridge Analytica

It can be noted over the same time period that readers’ comments sections of many of the main international and domestic news organs, such as the Daily Mail and Guardian, and even housewives and mothers favourite go-to website in the UK Mumsnet, to name but a few, were besieged by right-wing shitposters, with a fairly poor command of the English language.

So why might that have happened, you may be asking yourself?

Was this sudden swing in the West to embrace right-wing populism which appeared to have murky roots in many conspiracy movements not as organic as it perhaps first appeared to some?

Was there a hidden hand helping guide the Brexit and Trump social media narratives and campaigns that still hasn’t quite fully shown itself?

All we can say is don’t ask Donald Trump, as it looks like his next move will be to say that he was framed by his own side in order to win the presidency.  Which if it is the case would mean he couldn’t say he was such a “great candidate,” after all.

Just a great puppet.

Be seeing you!

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Boris Johnson….Man of the Mo….oh, Wait!

Green Skinned Lizard

Green-Skinned Lizard – Was Boris Johnson an unwitting Russian patsy in the mold of David Icke?

Bombastic Boris Johnson has been a busy little bee over the last week or so.  Tubthumping the cause for British citizens who have been poisoned in the sanctuary and relative safety of Salisbury, Johnson has been our man to stand up to the Russians whilst beating the drum of national security and berating the leader of the opposition for not being tougher against those who would seek to do Britain harm.

But why, one may ask, has our Boris been so late to see the Russian threat?

Could it be that before the events of last week, Boris Johnson was content to let the Russians meddle in UK politics, as it helped him and his cronies Brexit agenda, and he thought he wouldn’t be found out?

With the revelations in the offing from a report in The Observer, that Cambridge Analytica had allegedly illegitimately obtained the profile data of up to 50 million or more individual Facebook users in order to weaponize the Facebook platform to gain advantage for the causes of the Pro-Brexit and Pro-Trump political campaigns, and Cambridge Analytica being a company who had also been in the hock of a Kremlin connected oil company (chemtrail conspiracy nonsense sponsored by…….hello Alex Jones!), maybe Johnson needed to try to give the impression that there was clear blue water between himself and the intentions of Vladimir Putin.

Lost It

Alex Jones – Self-professed “ugly human centipede”

The memory of the mainstream press is notoriously impaired and it is doubtful that it could remember but a few short months ago, Johnson opining that he had seen no evidence anywhere of Russia interfering in the vote in favor of Brexit.

Let’s go back to a report in The Guardian in November 2017 which reported that, when asked about possible foreign interference in Britain, Boris Johnson replied:

“I haven’t seen a sausage.”


So we go from Johnson not being able to see a sausage, to Johnson being convinced without a doubt that the Russians attempted to murder two British citizens in Salisbury…..and he thinks he won’t be picked up on his previous treasonous lack of judgment?

The Guardian report goes on to assert:

“The revelation comes as the Observer investigation into foreign influence places him in a web of relationships between a known Russian spy, Sergey Nalobin, expelled from Britain in 2015, and Matthew Elliott, the chief executive of Vote Leave, the official Leave campaign headed by Johnson.”

Plausible deniability, and all that…..

Be seeing you!

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Infowars’ Alex Jones Suggests Pedophilia is a Nursing Home Plan for Men In Alabama

Lost It

Alex Jones – Self-professed “ugly human centipede”

***Watch the clip below before Infowars take it down.  Exchange starts at 48 minutes and 43 seconds***

Even before Roy Moore lost his Alabama Senate race to a Democrat last night – and well before Alex Jones hot-footed it out of his Central Texas Infowars Command Center and left Owen Shroyer to wet his own bed when he realised how hated himself, Infowars, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and of course, Roy Moore are, even in Alabama, whilst Jones hid behind his sofa – Jones and Shroyer were in the midst of an epic meltdown which amongst other things included the craziest and probably sickest defense of Roy Moore’s alleged molesting of young girls you’ve heard.

But before we got there, there were inklings that Jones was turning the crazy dial up to eleven and was about to say something beyond the pale.  Jones warmed up for his meltdown by telling his audience:

“I’m psychically connected to god.  I’m like an ugly centipede just crawling towards god.  If we don’t take control of the country and the world Owen, evil will.”

The ugly centipede, shortly afterward, launched into a defense of Moore’s alleged molestation of fourteen-year-olds by asserting:

“I’ll be honest, I know about super deep Southern culture, it’s almost like the Muslims with arranged marriage, they do nine-year-olds, they do 16 (year olds)  in Alabama, it’s just an anthropological psychological view, you don’t want your 17yr old daughter to marry some drug addict guy, you want to shop ‘em around.

And in the old days all the rich thirty-year-olds, they were so honorable, your daughter could go out with them, go out to eat, meet ‘em, see who your daughter liked, these are the rich guys in the town, you’re hoping your daughter gets with them.  And so Roy Moore did all that, then they took a bunch of women lied about it, fake, fake signature things, things that didn’t happen, they used the fact that this is so old-fashioned to spin this whole deal.”

Ugly Centipede

Bootlicker Shroyer wonders where else his tongue could go

Then Jones’ ridiculous boot licker frat boy, Owen Shroyer chimed in:

“I mean it’s not just old-fashioned it’s also basic psychology.  Most women are ready to have children a lot earlier than men.  Most men are usually more interested when they are older. (Older) men are attracted to younger women.”

To which Jones replied:

“Your nursing home plan is your wife you get in the south.”

So let’s break that down.

Jones appears to be saying that hanging around shopping malls and molesting underage girls is part of a rich Southern tradition, kind of like what some Muslims do (citation required).

And Shroyer is appearing to say that is ok to hang around shopping malls and indulge in pedophile behavior because, according to him, “women” are ready to have children younger than most men and older men are attracted to underage women (to clarify, this seems to be the inference).

And Jones concurs by appearing to suggest being a pedophile is a nursing home plan for Men in Alabama and the Deep South.

And Shroyer and Jones wonder where all the Moore supporters went?

Jeez!  If I was Jones and Shroyer tonight, I wouldn’t be heading to Alabama.

The pitchforks are gonna be out for them real tasty.

***Exchange begins at 48 minutes, 43 seconds***

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Reality Alert: Facebook Shared Billions of Propaganda Posts on Behalf of Trump/Brexit


Powerful people understand that people with flaky beliefs, wherever they congregate en-masse, whether that congregation be at their local church, online, or in front of TV screens with their audiences of millions, can be a perfect tool for feeding propaganda to further their political agendas.

I have previously documented elsewhere, how a suspiciously un-organic social media campaign helped propel Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States.  The organizers of that campaign used believers in such conspiracies as chemtrails, climate change denial, 9/11 being an inside job and the Queen of England being a satanic child abuser, through to eventually – and if it was a psyop by the Russian’s, one can only imagine the mirth they caused themselves at the FSB when they thought of it – re-introducing the flat-earth theory in the United States, to help push their narratives.

The 9/11 truth movement was the base for the push by these entities into the American mainstream via social-media.  Many of the partakers of the 9/11 truth movement had built massive social media networks over the course of the last decade, networks that far transcended the average social network reach of most individuals.  The average individual would generally have close friends and family in their online social networks, perhaps work colleagues and maybe other local acquaintances and so on.

According to research done by Pew Research Center back in 2014 half of all Facebook users had less than 200 friends and half had more than 200 friends.  The total average number of friends across all Facebook users was 338.  Many of the 9/11 truthers had built up vast networks of “friends” based on nothing more than an interest in contested parts of the official 9/11 narrative.  This was a comparative outsider obsession, although the number of people believing many of the conspiracies around 9/11 was, Facebook-wise, comparatively high, meaning that it was not irregular for people to have someone or even multiple people who believed in 9/11 truth within their Facebook friends.

These individuals often had far in excess of the average 338 Facebook friends reported by Pew Research back in 2014.  In fact, a large percentage of these accounts had social networks extending into many thousands of friends and followers.

(This article does not exist to contest the varying narratives of what happened on 9/11.  Anyone using that as a counterpoint to the main thrust of this article is wilfully misdirecting the reader for a very specific purpose.)

So, even though many of those people who believed/believe in various 9/11 truth narratives may have been drawing their information from highly dubious (or not) sources, it would have gone under the radar for many of their friends.  However, these individuals who had garnered many thousands of 9/11 truth friends, along with their own personal social networks would prove to be an incredibly effective conduit to spread huge amounts of fake news and propaganda for not only the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but also the U.K. Brexit Referendum held earlier that year.

For an entity to co-opt the 9/11 truth supporters facebook networks, they would only have had to make a limited number of profiles that mimicked 9/11 truth subjects initially to gain the trust of others, before starting to change the narrative slowly in their chosen direction.  Mix in a bit of chemtrail nonsense and climate change denial for further authenticity and plausible deniability, (which also have the benefit of furthering the oil baron’s causes, i.e. muddying the waters on pollution from aircraft travel and denying that climate change is caused by humans – policies that, coincidentally, chime exactly with Trump’s modus operandi of playing to big oil interests in both the U.S.A and Russia,) – and bingo, you have a weaponized social media propaganda network that can reach millions within hours.

The Strange Tale

The strange tale of the DUP, Brexit, a mysterious £425,000 donation and a Saudi prince

Although I stated that this could be achieved with relatively small numbers of facebook accounts, the actual evidence is that there were many thousands of accounts being weaponized for use in this way during elections in numerous countries.  By far, the most successful of these ventures were Brexit and Trump.

Back in March of this year, Facebook was denying any type of election manipulation by foreign entities via their platform during the Brexit and U.S. Election 2016 campaigns.

Then, after the ICO in the UK received an anonymous tip-off, Facebook followed with the admission that there had been some, limited, very small scale impropriety by foreign entities in domestic affairs in various countries.  Then a few months later, they admitted that some ads had been purchased by some Russian based entities but it was only a few thousand dollars’ worth.  Then it turned out that Facebook had to admit that these ads had been seen in the U.S. alone, some 127 million times.

Facebook has still not arrived at full disclosure.  When it is realized (or admitted) that fake accounts infiltrated the huge Facebook 9/11 truth movement and other Facebook conspiracy movements (and Christian facebook movements) the amount of times propaganda was seen, (they didn’t even need to be paid adverts, as these accounts were just plugging themselves into these vast online social network movements, that’s how facebook has got away with disclosure,) will move from the hundred or so million admitted by Facebook at the moment, into the billions.  Maybe tens of billions.

One thing is for sure, Facebook are going to have a lot more explaining to do!

And we haven’t even really got going on Twitter yet.  But for anyone that is curious, I suggest you plot a timeline from when this blog exposed Twitter as a conduit for foreign propaganda powered by bot programs, and when the British PM stood up to Putin to say “we know what you are up to.”

Someone, somewhere, isn’t doing their job!


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